Product Description

SB Drive Power Ltd.

Lite Master (Portable Balloon Lighting System)

Specifications (Lite Master)

This portable easy-carry model is newly designed, weight 14.5kg. easy-carry in two bags (Design inspiration by a Japanese expert)

The light source is by 400W metal halide lamp and we improved the big electronic box for metal halide lamp into a small device inside the lamp head. Luminous flux is 36000 lumens.

The Sustainless steel Pole height could be adjusted from 1.3 meters to 3.5 meters

The balloon cloth is made by special fabric which is water-proof, high temperature prevention and high transmission of light.

Efficient illumination.

Long-lived and high efficiency Metal halide lamp. Metal halide lamp is 4 times brighter. Metal halide has 5 times longer life. Metal halide can illuminate with 75% less power.

The biggest advantage for this model is it is easy-carry character as Emergency lighting equipment

Sturdy and durable built for hand use-possible to use as glowing warning or promotional signs.

Best lighting solution for defence. Railways, Powergrids, Border Roads & all Industries.

Bag Size For - Lamp Head: 610 x 230 x 230mm - S.S. Pole: 1150 x 100 x 30mm

Area of Application

  • Earthquake Tunned-Airport-Port-Highway
  • Transmission / Distribution
  • Air Force / Army / Nevy
  • Border Road / ITBP / BSF
  • Power Gride / Reliance / Tata
  • Indian Railways - Track & TRD
  • Agricutural and Horticulture
  • Fire Sercvices
  • Municiple Corporation

Glare - Free Lighting

Baloon Light gives enough light t a work area but eyes are never blinded by glance even if seeing the light directly. It is friendlt to surrounding traffic.

Wide area & 360 degree illumination

Baloon Light can radiate the homogeneous light far and ride from the balloon envelope gets a small hole, balloon can maintain it;s sha[e as the fan motor installed at the bottom of the balloon keeps blowing air during operation.

Specifications (Generator)

Balloon light is operated by both commercial power source as well as by Generator. Generator set is of 1000w. Fuel capicity (petrol) is 3.6 L. Voltage: AC 220/50hz and works for continuous 8.6 hrs. Net Weight bis 18.5 Kgs. Generator maintains a very low noise which helps in convenient working


Balloon light that forms less darker shadow is also comfortable for the workers.

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