Product Description

SB Drive Power Ltd.

Portable Inflatable Lighting Tower

"SB Power Series" Portable Inflatable Lighting Tower is a high quality emergency light tower created specially to meet mobile lighting need which stands out in the market for it's performance, quality, durability, and ease of use.


  • Provide abundance light at 360 radius over an area of 10000sq.mtrs
  • High realistic color
  • Weather resistant: rain, snow and cold as well as at moderate winds
  • Takes seconds to inflate and achieves full illumination in less than 3 minutes.
  • Cools down in 10 seconds for storage.

Ease of use

  • Easy to transport
  • Can be installed easily by just one person in few minutes.
  • Fed by regular current directly from electrical networks or generators
  • Works both indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to install in narrow or hard-to-reach spots

Application Areas

  • Disaster management
  • Earthquake tunnel, Airport, Port, Highway
  • Transmission / Distribution
  • Air Force, Army, and Navy
  • Border Road, ITBP, BSF
  • Thermal and Hydel Power Plants
  • Power grid, Tata, Reliance
  • Steel plants, Cement industries
  • Indian Railway- Track and TRD
  • Agriculture and Horticulture
  • Hill areas Rescue Operation
  • Disaster Management
  • State Police Departments
  • Defense Forces
  • Fire Services
  • Municipal Corporations
  • Airport Authority of India
  • Para Military Forces


  • Prep time: Less than a minute.
  • Time to reach max illumination: One Minute
  • Number of bulbs: 1 Unit
  • Bulb Type: Metal Halide. Bulb Power: 1000W Bulb Life : 32000 hours
  • Unit Size: (length x Width x Height): 630*600*690mm when be package.
  • Height of the unit: 3mts, 5mts, 7mts
  • Inflatable balloon material: High Strength and flam retardant fiber
  • Power Supply: 110v/220v and 50Hz/60Hz
  • Brightness Level: 150 lm / W, 90000lm, 150000 lm, after reaching the max illumination
  • Stability: Under protection of binding ropes, the strongest resistance can bear 25km/h wind
  • Illuminated Area: 10,000 m2, after reaching the maximum illumination.
  • Total Weight: More than 60kg. The inflatable light tower is 30kg, 34kg, 37kg, and the generator is 28kg.