Product Description

SB Drive Power Ltd.


Specifications (POWERLITE - 360)

The POWERLITE is a powerful innovative mobile lighting system useful for emergency lighting. It consists of the light, tripod, battery & carry bag & does not need any generator to support like other kinds of emergency lights. The whole unit is of compact design, which can be carried to remote loactions. The lighting system is equipped with battery which can be charged as & when required and it is ideally suits for all types of emergency situations & locations where electricity is not available.

POWERLITE can illuminate ad area of 2200 sq feet in no time. One can pack the whole system in few minutes and move it to the next remote area. There is no need of generator, no carrying of fuel and no wastage of crucial time.

Conventional lighting towers needs generators and vehicles for shifting from place to place and provide power source. POWERLITE is a self sufficient unit and can be positioned at needy locations in couple of minutes. It does not depend on external power. No generator or carryng of fuel is needed for POWERLITE


  • 12V 7Ah Lead Acid Battery
  • ONE Switch
  • 4 meter cordless leads with cigar plug
  • Mass Height : 66"
  • Water Proof LP 65
  • AC/DC Charger, Shoulder Belt
  • Charging Time : 8 - 10 Hr
  • Battery Bag + Steel Tripod
  • Portable Bag Size : 77*23*11 Cm
ModelPowerlite 360
Bulb TypeHigh Flux LED 36W
Brightness2200 LM
CapacitySealed 7 AH
Working Time5 to 6 Hrs.
Head Size7"*4.5"*1.6" inch