Product Description

SB Drive Power Ltd.


Specifications (POWERLITE - 540)

POWERLITE 540 is a powerful and innovative mobile lighting system useful for emergency lighting. it consists of the light, tripod, lithium battery & transport cart & does not need any generator to support like other kind of emergency lighs. The whole unit is of compact design which can be carried out to remote locations in a specially made container & pulling cart. The lighting system is equipped with lithium battery which can be charged as & when required and it ideally suits for all types of emerengcy situations & locations where electricity is not available.

The total weight of high powerful LED lighting system is 19kg (including Battery) & it offers greater flexibility. It is equipped with high purity aluminum reflector and the tripod and is easy to assemble & dismantle.

POWERLITE 540 can illuminate an area of 5000 sq feet in no time. One can pack the whole system in few minutes and move it to next remote area. It requires no generator, no carrying of fuel and no wastage of crucial time

One of the most compact and utility rescue equipment ever created, the POWERLITE 540 is a remarkable environmental friendly product. IT is a lightweight, portable and glare-free illumination system which is ideal for meeting illuminations needs whenever there is an emerengcy.

What makes the POWERLITE 540 stand out is that is a compact, robust, sturdy & portable unit which can be moved by one person and perform even is dark areas with poor visibility.

LED Power50W
Height1.8M Yellow
Luminous Flux5000 LM
Emitting Efficiency100 LM/W.
Luminaire Efficiency90%
Effective Beam Angle120*C
Life Span80000H
Rated Voltage48 V
Rated Capacity12 AH
Charging Time6 Hours
Discharge Time10 Hours for 1000% Light,
20 Hrs for 50% Light
Weight19 KG
PackingAluminium Case